Hired A Tree Service Naples Area To Cut A Tree Down For Me

I had a tree in my yard that needed cut down. It was dying and limbs were falling off of it constantly. Even when it wasn’t windy the limbs would fall off of it. I knew I needed to get it cut down, but this wasn’t a task I wanted to take on myself. I started searching for a tree service Naples area had.

I asked a neighbor of mine who they hired to cut a tree of theirs down. They said they had a friend of the family cut theirs down, but they didn’t have a business or anything and don’t normally do it as a side job. Since that didn’t give me much information, I decided to ask on Facebook. I always found this a useful way to get information. Within minutes of making my post, I had a few people that responded. They gave me the names of a few tree services they knew of and had hired. They gave me their phone numbers too so I could call them.

I called them and both of them said they could swing by and take a look so they could give me an accurate estimate. They stopped by while I was at work and each tree service company called me to let me know what it would cost me to get the tree cut down. One of them was cheaper than the other company so I decided to hire them to do the job. They said they could come back the next day to cut it down while I was at work. I asked them how I could pay and they said they could send me a bill in the mail.

I got home from work that day and the tree was gone out of my yard. The only thing left was the tree trunk. I was really happy with the job they did both cutting the tree down and cleaning up the mess it left behind. They did a great job on it.

Within a week, I got a bill from the tree service Naples area that I hired. I was able to call them on the phone and pay the bill with a credit card that way. It was easy to do and the next time I need a tree cut down this is who I will call.