Commercial Carpet Cleaning Riverside CA Location

There are many different kinds of floor covering, and one of them is carpeting. Carpeting can, in fact, be a terrific floor covering if it’s kept clean. However, the fact is that carpeting isn’t a hard, smooth surface and, therefore, it requires the kind of care that other floor coverings don’t need. If you live in the Riverside area of California, a commercial carpet cleaning Riverside CA location can help your carpets remain clean and healthy. Here are some questions you should ask the Riverside professionals before you hire.

1. Will They Give You a Written Estimate?

There are two kinds of estimates �” oral and written. A verbal estimate is something you should be able to trust, but in today’s 21st-century world, it’s not enough. You need a written agreement, something that you can show as proof to back up any estimate the carpet cleaning company gives you. The written estimate not only protects you, but it protects the carpet cleaning company. With clear evidence of what was agreed upon, there will be no room for misunderstandings in the future.

2. Does the Company Guarantee Their Services?

In addition to a written estimate, you need to determine if the company guarantees their services. For example, if there is a dispute within the first 30 days, are you given a refund, or at least a partial refund? This is considered standard practice in the carpet cleaning business. So you should be sure to understand how the company’s guarantee works. If the company does not have a guarantee, move on to another company.

3. Who is Doing the Cleaning?

You may speak to someone who is a representative of a carpet cleaning company when an estimate is created, but who will do the actual cleaning? Is the commercial carpet cleaning Riverside CA company owned and operated by one person, or, are there a group of people who provide the services? Are these people qualified and experienced? Can you trust them in your home or business?

4. What are the Products?

The products used to clean your carpet are important, and you should know what they are. Determine if the Carpet and Rug Institute have approved them. If you would prefer eco-friendly products, be sure to inquire if the company uses those.

Even though other floor surfaces besides carpeting have come into vogue, wall-to-wall carpeting is still a thing in homes and apartments. With regular maintenance, you can keep your carpets clean for years to come.…