How To Properly Use An Exercise Roller Stick

How To Properly Use An Exercise Roller Stick

Properly using of an exercise roller stick helps improve performance during workouts, and reduces recovery time after intense workouts. These associated benefits of using a muscle stick are as a result of the improved circulation and flexibility promoted by the action of the stick on sore muscles.

To reap the benefits of using a muscle stick, users have to ensure that they use it properly. Follow the tips below to find the right muscle stick and learn how to use it properly for the best effect.

Choose The Right Stick

Before you go out and buy an exercise roller stick, it is important for you to think about your specific needs. Softer rolling muscle sticks are designed for use by beginners and users who do not exercise on a regular basis. If you exercise on a regular basis, you will be more suited to using a stiffer rolling muscle stick.

It’s Not A Foam Roller

The first thing you need to know before you start using your newly acquired rolling muscle stick is that it’s not a foam roller. The rolling muscle stick differs from a foam roller in a number of ways. First and foremost, the stick is designed to be rolled over sore muscles using pressure applied by the hands. Foam rollers require users to use their body weight to apply the necessary pressure.

Most importantly, rolling muscle sticks can be used over any part of the body, making them quite versatile.

When To Use It

To get the most out of your rolling muscle stick, it is important to know when to use it. Use the rolling stick before your work outs, during the workout and afterwards. When using an exercise rolling stick after a workout, be sure to focus your efforts on the area with the sorest muscles. This is because these muscles stand to benefit the most from a shorter recovery period.

When using the rolling stick, focus your efforts on each specific part for about thirty seconds, doing about twenty rollouts, before moving on to the next sensitive area.

Applying Pressure

Applying too much pressure when using the rolling stick won’t get you better results. Instead, it’s recommended that you relax your muscles, and apply pressure that’s in line with the soreness of your muscles.

Once you have mastered how to properly use an exercise roller stick, all you need to do is remain patient and experience its ultimate health boosting effects.

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