Review On Lifestyle Design International

lifestyle design international business

The product known as Lifestyle Design International was put together by Andrew Cass and Jeff Lerner who have extensive experience in the industry of how to make money online. Jeff Lerner is better known for his experience on other products such as The Millionaire Operating System along with The Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle. Andrew Cass, on the other hand, has experience in real-world events and training associated with wellness and wealth niches.

There are no tangible products that are associated with the website, but rather memberships that offer the members with training based on affiliate-marketing along with other tools which help the member to build their own online businesses.

Reasons To Choose Lifestyle Design International

One of the main reasons why this organization has grown in popularity is that is backed and built by top rated marketing professionals. LDI provides the laptop Lifestyle Toolkit that the members use to turn their businesses into a success.

What Is LDI Really About

Basically, LDI involves promoting this program in the form of an affiliate. This means that you sell the same products that you have purchased yourself. When joining up with the program you are offered with 4 non-tangible products. These include:

1. Freedom Experience

This involves a 3-day networking event, that is held in global locations. Here you get to meet other members, gain insights into Internet Marketing successes and listen to a number of speakers.

2. Excel Mastermind

This a special inner-circle which offers access to leader and co-founders through monthly calls and events.

3. Elevate Marketing System

This involves a Done-For-You sales funnel along with a webinar system for the purpose of generating leads as well as promoting LDI products to obtain affiliate commissions.

4. Transcend Publishing Partner

This 5-day workshop is held at the LDI headquarters where you get luxury accommodation and meals plus advanced support and training.…