Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is a central heating system which works from the floor upwards, warming the air through conduction and radiation. Heat is generated by electricity passing through conductive cables, film or mesh, or by hot water from a boiler, running through a network of pipes. These are then hidden under the floor covering, whether tiles, wood or laminate. Different variations have continued to be used throughout the ages, culminating in the modern underfloor heating kits available today.

A range of technical developments have also made it more efficient and easier to install. There are two different ways of installation, depending on the system you choose and the type of flooring you have. Floor heating systems can either have a layer of screed poured over them, or can simply be fixed to the sub-floor. To avoid wasting heat, underfloor heating insulation is placed underneath. These systems can be used throughout an entire building or be limited to one or two rooms.

The simplest system to install underfloor heating is via electric heated floor mats. These are rolled out across the floor surface and then the flooring, be it tiles, laminate or boards are fitted as normal on top. Once the mat is plugged in you have an instantly heated floor.

Modern underfloor heating systems are many advantages over other forms of heating,Here are some of the top benefits of underfloor heating system –

* Any kind of heating device or radiators will need some space in your space to be set up. On the other hand, underfloor heating systems are placed under the floor making them suitable for small homes.
* They can be easily set to match the temperature outside during the day and night.
* If your bathroom has proper waterproof protection, they can be placed inside the bathrooms as well.
* They can be used under any kind of flooring such as tiles, marble, carpets and others.
* One can find different kind of electric floor heating depending on the budget one has.

wet based systems really need to be considered for new-build applications and planned in to the general building works. If you are converting an existing property and don’t want to be lifting the floors then wet underfloor heating is not really an option whereas dry underfloor heating really comes into its own when you are either renovating a single room, have an existing floor that you do not want to build up any more than absolutely necessary, or if you wished to increase your existing wet based installation you would have to upgrade your boiler to cope with the increased demand.

The drawback to this heating system is that not all piping can be installed on all floor types, such as wooden flooring.
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